With the day off and weather looking a bit threatening for hiking, I spent the morning down the road a piece in Portsmouth, NH.  While I ostensibly went to take pictures, I really just needed to get out of Portland for a bit.  Working in Freeport I sometimes forget the fun of being a tourist, and it is fun to go to a place like Portsmouth and just wanted around downtown.

And while I’m of the opinion its fairly impossible to take a bad picture of nature with a macro lens, I do think a couple of my shots in Portsmouth’s public gardens were quite good.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said the public garden was my favorite find of the day.  On my way out of town, I stopped for the first (and definitely not last) time at Gary’s Beverages.  I’ll often wax poetic about beer joints, so forgive me for going on.  But especially in a state with no sales tax, Gary’s has some of the best deals on beer that I’ve seen – and beers that I can’t find in Maine!  Bombers of brews from Rogue and Stone (and  vintages I haven’t even found in Boston) went for only about 4.50 a pop.  Cases of Shipyard were sub-$20, and it looked like plenty of craft stuff was available by the case at close-out prices.  While it will mean little to people outside of Maine (as well as non-beer geeks), I got a few shots of a small part of the selection before making off with a sixer of Stone Pale Ale.

Chipotle, Chocolate, Irish and Malt Rogue!  Be still my heart.


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