Low-Alcohol Beers

Tuesday’s New York Times had a great article about lower-alcohol “session” beers, an alternative to the extreme brews that we craft beer drinkers have become accustomed to. The piece also gives some love to some of my favorite New England breweries, citing offerings from Magic Hat, Shipyard and Harpoon. I have a few minor quibbles with the article – the author suggests both that brews up to 6% ABV are “low-alcohol” and that Belgians are “boozy”, but it is nice to see milds, lighter crafts and session beers getting some attention. As Lew Bryson of Seen Through a Glass noted, low-alcohol doesn’t need to mean low flavor, and some of my favorites are mild browns and Berliner Weisses. I’m not sure that this kind of article will push beer geeks or even Joe Sixpack to a lighter beer, but I’ll raise a pint of Harpoon Brown to the prospect.


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