What I mean to say is…

via Wordle.net

via Wordle.net

Wordle is a very cool site that gives you a visual representation of the words used most in a given website or RSS feed (although I’m not sure if it compiles words from all posts, or just the front page). Once you get the “swarm” of words, you can edit things like font, colors, orientation, shape and the like. The above is a look at the words on this blog.

When I started blogging, my intention was to split my attention among my interests – largely books and bookselling, comics, beer, photography, and skiing. Obviously I’ve leaned heavily on one topic, though I’ll give myself a bit of a pass since I’ve done a few posts reviewing books about beer. Now that I’m in the habit of semi-regular posting, we’ll see if things even out – or if the ship continues to tilt in one direction.


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