Table of Contents; My Favorite Posts From the Last Week

I mean seriously, aren't history majors just out of touch polisci scholars? Why are they loved so much more?  It being a sexy historian a thing?

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the results of this study, considering my degree is on the higher end of things. (from Geekologie)

Lots of interesting stuff this week in the news and blogs, including some great new beer releases, a Twitter book, and the real story behind Harry Potter.  Check it all out below, in this week’s Table of Contents.


– Another good one from Ashley the Beer Wench, looking at the myth of Beer Calories. [from The Beer Wench]

– Denver favorites Great Divide and Pablo’s Coffee are collaborating to release an Espresso Oak Aged Imperial Stout. [from The Full Pint Dot Com]

– A Good Beer Blog takes a look at the fella at Guinness who helped create beer QA.

– Andy Crouch (author of the awesome Good Beer Guide to New England) encourages us to evangelize about craft beer.  Preach, brother! [from BeerScribe]

– This May, Shipyard debuts the next brew in the Pugsley’s Signature Series. [from]

– A few notes about the Canadian craft beer industry from “Kasper on Tap.”

– Maine hopheads will have another local IPA to drink very soon, reports Luke at Blog About Beer.

– Want to improve your beer vocabulary?  Check out Randy Mosher’s Tasting Beer. [from Appellation Beer]


– If you absolutely NEED to read in 140 character or less bursts, James Brindle has put out the first Twitter hardcover anthology. [from GalleyCat]

– It ain’t all tweets and blogs – this week, Bookseller’s Blog covered how booksellers can use Facebook to develop community and target advertising.

– In case you missed the fireworks, here’s some video and reaction to the publishing panel at SXSW this week. [from GalleyCat]

– Ann encourages us to break our own “rules” and read genres and books we might write off initially. [from Books on the Nightstand]

– The real story behind the publication of Harry Potter. [from vidtronic’s YouTube channel]

– Jeff Howe, author of Crowdsourcing, wonders if NPR will save the news biz. [from Harper Studio]

How to David Foster Wallace-ize a sentence – because the world needs more 1,000-page, meticulously endnoted novels. [from]

– The Twilight series inspires teens to pick up Wuthering Heights.  This gives me hope for the future. [from parentdish]

Have a great weekend!


One response to “Table of Contents; My Favorite Posts From the Last Week

  1. That chart may actually have a bit of accuracy to it … and I will stop on that note.

    Thanks for the props! I love your blog!

    The Wench

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