Summer Seasonals Ahoy! Victory Sunrise Weissbier

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Victory Sunrise Weissbier After a long Maine winter, spring has finally sprung. Luckily, the arrival of a new season means loads of new seasonal beer!

Pennsylvania-based Victory Brewing Company opened in the mid-nineties, and has steadily expanded to become a large regional brewery. Victory beers, brewed with whole leaf hops and mostly based on traditional German styles, have won a number of awards at American beer festivals. With distribution through the Midwest as well as along the east and west coasts, the brewery is certainly one of the better-represented craft breweries nationwide.

Along with a regular rotation of beer 9 styles deep, Victory brews about a dozen limited release and seasonal beers. Their summer seasonal, an unfiltered wheat beer, is the Sunrise Weiss. From the brewery;

As invigorating as the morning rays of the summer sun, Sunrise Weissbier satisfies when the heat is on, too. This unfiltered, Bavarian style ale is true to its origins with all ingredients except for the water having been imported from Germany. It remains unfiltered to feature the tangy, fruity flavors of its unique yeast. The imported German malt contributes greatly to add a crisp, citric snap that makes this beer a superb summertime refresher.

Poured into a traditional weizen glass, the Sunrise Weiss is a cloudy straw yellow. Huge, rocky head on this baby, and a carbonation so active it threatens to shake the glass. Nose is German wheat beer through and through – fruity esters along with the slightest wheat and spice notes. Most apparent are banana, clove and citrus, but all come together in a nice, clean mix.

The beer tastes like Bavaria. That’s really the most succinct way to put it. Tastes of spicy clove, bananas, wheat malt and a citrusy finish with a tiny kick of bitter hops. Well-rounded, and brewed perfectly to style. Super-bubbly mouthfeel, almost like a sparkling wine or champagne. The finish is suitably light and crisp for a summer beer, and just sticky enough to leave your mouth feeling slightly coated.

The Sunrise Weiss is a textbook example of an unfiltered summer wheat. While it doesn’t break any new ground or push the boundries of the style, it’s nice to have a traditional brew like this among all the extreme beers being released. Highly drinkable, this Victory brew is worth keeping in your fridge to pull out when the weather warms.


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