Who Let The Dogs Out? at the Great Lost Bear

showcase2Tomorrow night, Portland’s Great Lost Bear has another doozy for their weekly All-American Microbrew Showcase.  Rather than focusing on a specific style or brewery, April’s final craft beer showcase is going to the dogs.  On April 30th from 5 – 9, pints of Smuttynose Old Brown  Dog, Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale, Thirsty Dog Old Leghumper Porter and Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber will be flowing for only $2.50 a pop.  The GLB also promises something from the ever-popular off-centered Dogfish Head, through the word isn’t out yet which brew will be on tap.  Along with the discounted pints, folks at the bar will, as always, have a chance to win Bear and brewery swag.

With the patio open and the weather getting more Spring-like, it’s a great time to check out the Great Lost Bear’s Thursday Showcases if you haven’t yet.   My girlfriend and I have had a standing Thursday night date at the Bear for the last year or so, and it’s a great chance to get dinner for two and a few craft brews for about twenty bucks.  While Novare has my heart as the beer-geekiest bar in Portland, the Bear has a unique appeal of it’s own.  With Smuttynose, Victory and Peak all being featured in the next few weeks, there is no better time than now to try some new beer.


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