Unibroue Éphémère (Apple)

travThe following is a review from Travis Curran (@THSeamonsters), a writer, actor and semi-pro beer drinker in Portland, ME. Travis is one of the four titular “Tasty Dudes” of Tasty Dude Films, and the author of Travipedia.

After a nice, long hard day of sitting at work doing a crossword puzzle, I return home to find yet again something is amiss. On the coffee table, a large 9.4 fluid ounce bottle has mysteriously appeared. It is dark, the label elaborately depicting a fairy nestled on a branch of yellow flowers. What is this? Where did it come from? A golden font answers me: Éphémère.

ephemereI inspect the bottle further, and recognize Unibroue, the lovely Canadian brewery which sports the infamous Le Fin du Monde ale, a personal favorite of mine. This was Christie, I knew it, again challenging my mettle against a unique beverage that strangely intertwines with my fate. You see, I reign from the Bèlanger line, Franco-Canadienne through and through. This was something I was destined to experience.

Éphémère is francois for ephemeral, big surprise, but a near-parfait adjective choice. Primarily apple in flavor with some mild hints at spices, the body is quite light. The head is the most distinct aspect, even my best pour could not tame the rushing white tide, which receded as quickly as it came, akin to a temperamental sea of champagne. The bouquet is full of sour notes that send me back to orchards of the most saturated green-skinned fruits, supple and ripe. I hardly have words for a mouthfeel, it was gentle enough my tongue told me to forget about the task at hand and just enjoy the ride. So I let nature take it’s course.

I don’t like to simply drink my beer. I let the beer drink me too.

This whimsical delight is perfect as an aperitif or perhaps a dessert if you’re doing up the whole proper meal event. Tasty, light, and before you know it, it’s gone. Like a transient cool breeze you catch on a hot summer day, or did you? Is there a slight wind today? Or was it just my imagination getting carried away again?

Is there even such a thing as an apple ale? [Indeed! Check it out! – JC, Ed.] I thought there were only ciders. Did this beer just happen? I’ll text Josh Christie (or DM him, since texting ain’t free, dig?) and make sure that this went down. If it didn’t, then I’ll let you know. If it did, then I highly recommend this fine Unibroue for your spring outings.

I’m going to ask this fairy if I can redeem glass bottles I’ve dreamed up.


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