Theo Johnsen Exhibition at the Ski Museum of Maine

skeeingI’ll admit that this post is mostly about skiing.  It does have a book connection, however – and that’s enough for me to stick it on here.

This Friday, the Ski Museum of Maine is hosting an open house exhibiting artifacts from the life of Theo Johnsen.  Here’s the book connection – Johnsen wrote the first book published in the states about skiing.  The Winter Sport of Skeeing, published in 1905, is a slim volume that describes the sport, along detailed how-to instructions for cross-country, downhill and jumping.  Well, most of the book is a how-to; the final third is devoted to a catalogue of skis that Johnsen manufactured himself.  The book was reprinted in the ’90s, and is a joy to read if you can get your hands on it.  Theo loved the sport, and the book seems to be mostly a passionate call for more people to get out there and ski.

While the exhibit is already up, the open house – which features the book, Johnsen-produced skis and other memorabilia from the man’s career – will run from 5 to 7 pm at the Ski Museum of Maine in Farmington.  The museum itself is at 109 Church Street in Farmington, a quick right after Java Joes if you’re headed up from the Portland area.  The event is free, and if that isn’t enough there will be free refreshments, too.


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