American Craft Beer Fest – One Quick Look

Here we have it, my first attempt at some video here on I’m a total novice with video, but I figure that creating something and putting it out there is the only way to get better (and will give me a start point to look back on). Let me get the obvious out of the way first.

– I wasn’t going to the fest planning to take really any video. The next video I post will have better audio, a tripod, and some preparation.
– All I had available to edit with was Windows Movie Maker, so until I get my hands on Adobe Premiere things will be pretty simple.
– The quality is a bit iffy because of my old, janky computer – I had to convert the original HD video to .avi to work with it, then to .wmv when it was exported. Somewhere along the way, I lost some frames I haven’t found yet.
– I’m not used to being on or working with video, so any tips people can give me would be phenomenally helpful in the future.
– On a positive note, I’m sure I’ll get the kinks worked out. Hopefully video will become a regular and smoothly-running part of the site.

With caveats in place, I present a short compilation of some shots from the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston last weekend. Check back next week for a full update like the one I did for the EBF.


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