Dogfish Overload at Novare Res this August

bierbar_singage_500I’m usually not one to announce events over a month in advance, but this is once time I just can’t help myself.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while know about my (and guest writer @THSeamonsters‘) love of the Dogfish Head brewery.  If you look back at my event posts, you can see how much I like to hype up the rad events at Portland’s Novare Res Bier Cafe.  It was only a matter of time before a serindipitous event like the one lined up for August 4th came along to blow my mind.

On August 4th, Novare is hosting “the largest Dogfish party of the Summer.”  More from the brewery;

25 Lines of Dogfish – the most taps at one location in New England – ever – will be on starting Aug. 4.  Sam will be arriving to party around 6:00 so come early, come often and check out the line-up.  Dogfish and Novare will be working with local cheese, meat and chocolate suppliers to offer three seperate pairings.  4 Dogfish/4 cheese pairings or 4 Dogfish/4 choc. pairings or 4 Dogfish/4 meat pairings – How can you beat that!!!!

How can you beat that, indeed?  It looks like Sam is planning on bringing the big guns, with pretty much everything (rarities, seasonals and regular brews) that Dogfish puts out, with a monster list that still leaves room for a couple surprises.  Again, I’ll defer to the brewery;

Here’s the lineup as of June 28:
120 Minute IPA
90 Minute IPA
60 Minute IPA
Raison D’Etre
Indian Brown Ale
Palo Santo Marron
Midas Touch
Black & Blue
Red & White
Chateau Jiahu
Burton Baton
Festina Peche
Punkin Ale
Chicory Stout
Old School Barleywine
World Wide Stout
Shelter Pale Ale
Cask of 75 Min – Johnny Cask
Two other surprises???

I’ll admit that I’m prone to a bit of hyperbole when it comes to beer, but take my word for it this time – if there is one must-attend event at Novare this summer, you’re looking at it.  Sam is a super-entertaining guy, the bartenders at Novare know their stuff, and you won’t have another chance to have so many wierd, diverse, funky and awesome beers in one place.

For more info, you can check out the Dogfish Head event page or call Novare at 761-BIER.


One response to “Dogfish Overload at Novare Res this August

  1. I’ve wanted to taste a bunch of these for a while, specifically the Chateau Jiahu and Theombra. I dig the idea of bercheology and what Dogfish Head does with those experimental brews. It’s like a National Geographic article that you can get drunk on.

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