Bookends – Some Random News Bits

Not enough here for a full post, but a couple bits of news from the book world.  Happy Tuesday!

At the just-finished San Diego Comic Con, the 2009 Eisner Awards winners were announced.  The Eisner Awards are given every year for creative achievement in American comic books and graphic novels.  The list of winners is always a bit of a strange beast, with a mix of major books from big publishers and smaller books I’ve never heard of.  Still, it gives a list of great books to find and read at the end of the summer.

In this week’s New Yorker, Nicholson Baker writes about his experience with the Kindle, e-book readers and good old-fashioned printed books.  Not only is it a great article, but I was flattered to see that Baker mentions both yours truly and Sherman’s Books!

A couple semi-related blog posts got a lot of attention over the weekend.  Publishing consultant Richard Nash wrote about the future of some publishing, while novelist Moriah Jovan wrote about the future of some bookstores.  A major contrast to Jovan’s article is Aubrey Lynch’s piece on what makes a bookstore great.  Surely we can find some middle ground.

Distressing news from the world of chain bookstores, with Borders employees reporting that they are being pressured into signing a non-blogging contract that puts a gag on any writing about new policies and procedures.  While I can understand employees being asked not to write about anything that might compromise security or some sort of confidentiality, an across-the-board gag on writing about work just reeks to me.  People seem to be feeling a bit warmer towards Barnes and Noble, who announced this morning that they will be providing free wi-fi at their stores nationwide.

Finally, what I’m reading this week; Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby.
What I’m Reading – Juliet, Naked on

What’s everyone else reading?


2 responses to “Bookends – Some Random News Bits

  1. Just discovered your blog through Bookshelves of Doom – I’m a little surprised I haven’t stumbled upon it before, seeing as it combines two of my favorite things.

    Oh, and I’m reading A Prayer for Owen Meany, which is amazing. How’s Juliet, Naked? I’ve loved everything Hornby’s written, with the exception of How to Be Good.

  2. Well I’m glad you’ve found the site! Hopefully I provide either enlightenment or entertainment.

    I’ve read about three-quarters of the book, and it is (as advertised) quintessential Hornby. It’s funny, it’s bittersweet, and it has great insight into music, musicians and obsessive fandom. Definitely more in the vein of High Fidelity than any of his other recent stuff – relationships framed through music. If it stays as good as it has been, it might be my favorite of his novels.

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