Reader’s Map of Maine

First off, credit where credit is due – this map was created by Monica Kissane of Freeport’s White Cedar Inn, who in turn was inspired by a book-centric supplement in the Press Herald. Please click on to those sites to offer proper kudos for the map.

Whew, now that that’s out of the way… how great is this map? It shows the locations of books set in Maine, as well as the home towns of Maine authors. Monica describes the map with a bit more detail on the White Cedar Inn Today blog;

Each pin shows the location of where the book took place, where the author lived or wrote or where the book’s characters lived. For some ‘state-wide’ books, one location was chosen at random.  To get a real sense of how place impacts a writer, take a driving tour of some of the more out of the way locations! Seeing the fog roll in on a perfectly clear day or driving through the evergreen forests at dusk brings a deeper understanding of how place is as much a character as the people are. Even sitting quietly in a crowded diner in a big town will give you insight into how a community can shape an author’s words.

I would love to see more maps like this for other states. While there are certainly plenty more books and authors to be added, the map offers a great start for booklovers visiting Maine. It’s also great to see the centuries’ spread of authors included – from Longfellow all the way up to Elizabeth Strout.

So, what’s missing from the map? Does something like this make you want to take a trip to Maine? Are there more maps like this out there?


One response to “Reader’s Map of Maine

  1. Josh- Thanks for posting this. Just doing a random Google of my name (how vain is that?) and came across your site. Glad you liked it, and yes, there are a ton more books/authors/characters that could be on here.

    Last year we had 3 authors stay with us for a week, I used to have an online bookstore (still sell a bit on Amazon, but had to drop ABE) and I’m writing a book- all reasons for the map (besides the article in the PPH).

    Thanks again, Monica

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