Lakefront Fuel Cafe Coffee Stout

travThe following is a review from Travis Curran (@THSeamonsters), a writer, actor and semi-pro beer drinker in Portland, ME. Travis is one of the titular “Tasty Dudes” of Tasty Dude Films, and a contributor to Potential!

1247494894544911Hello folks, how’re things? How’s tricks? And the kids? Excellent, excellent. Yes, yes, I know. It’s been a while. And there’s no excuse. Okay, there’s a couple excuses. One, I’m unorganized beyond belief, and two, I tried reviewing BrewDog’s Dogma off Josh’s esteemed recommendation and was so taken by the beverage I locked myself into a Buddhist retreat somewhere south of the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan, meditating on a steady diet of barley, hops and malts while maintaining a vow of Internet silence.

But now I’m back! With a kick! In a glass! And no, not Tang, or any other bizarre orange drink.. it’s the Fuel Cafe Coffee Stout, straight out of Lakefront Brewery. If you don’t know Lakefront, then you don’t know Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you don’t know Milwaukee, hell, you don’t know beer. They’re running a tight game over there, providing all sorts of ales, lagers, seasonals and even gluten-free’s for those sensitive types. They’ve got a signature stout here made from real deal fresh coffee from the Fuel Cafe, and it’s something else.

I’ve had coffee flavored brews in the past, even espresso, but nothing gets truer to the flavor than this. She pours so thick and dark you’ll lose yourself if you stare too long into this abyss. And let me tell you, the abyss does stare back into you. It rises with a light cocoa head that calls to mind the Nesquick bunny laughing and stirring away. Deeper and darker than night, this is just how I’d like my stout, AND my coffee, AND my women. Just resting your nostrils anywhere in it’s airspace and you’ve got the beans. The sweetest of beans.

First sip glides back smooth and creamy, reminding me of any hearty stout. I prefer the heavier Imperial stouts, specifically the Marshall Wharf Chaos Chaos Russian Imperial Stout, so I’m ready and waiting for the alcohol to knock me down. But instead the kick is in the coffee. It tastes delightfully accurate of the select beans. Roasted grains dominate the palate and enliven my mouth. The hops are gentle, mild, complimentary to the toasty flavor. The mouthfeel is full, hearty and sparks me to life. Seriously, folks, I am jacked. Hardwired. Licensed to thrill.

But I won’t get carried away. I’m easily deceived, so I ask myself, how? What kind of gnarly malts have they thrown together here to nail this coffee taste down so solidly? For the first time in three months, I implore the Internet and infornigraphically (not a typo, Josh) plunder the respective sites you’ve probably already linked yourself to. They use real deal coffee, folks. Brewed right at Fuel Cafe in Milkwaukee.

This is the sweetest, tastiest, and hands down most invigorating collaboration between beer and coffee. It’s probably the best I’ll ever taste. The roasted grains are still blowin’ me away. I have to go to work in ten minutes, and trust me, I am PUMPED. If I could have this stout every morning, my life might improve tenfold. But that is a slippery slope I am wary of. Fortunately for me, this was a lucky, lucky find at Downeast Beverage‘s mix-n-match sixpack (for the super price of 8 plus change). I need to hunt it down. I’m fully prepared to ride my bicycle to the New Hampshire State Liquor Store tonight after work. I’ll make there in six minutes, my body is so ripped, roaring and revved to go.

Thank you, Lakefront. I now know your name, and hopefully soon, you will know mine. I eagerly await trying more of your delectable drinks.

Trav is right about Lakefront putting out world-class beer. Check out this review of their Big Easy Maibock from earlier this year.


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