Butternuts Heinnieweisse Weissebier

travThe following is a review from Travis Curran (@THSeamonsters), a writer, actor and semi-pro beer drinker in Portland, ME. Travis is one of the titular “Tasty Dudes” of Tasty Dude Films, and a contributor to Potential!

heinnieNot too long back, I sat with the Tasty Dudes and enjoyed a can of beer. But this was no ordinary mass-marketed over-produced watered down lager, it was Pork Slap Pale Ale, out of Butternuts Beer & Ale. It was a craft beer sword in an aluminum sheath and it was damn good. So when I spied a similar blade, or snake in the grass for a more color-correct metaphor, the Heinnieweisse Weissebier, I had to give it a shot. I loved the Farmhouse Saison Ale out of Smuttynose, so I figured this, while not being a Saison style, still had to be good for the money. The website is the most enjoyable time I’ve had on a website since I discovered how to break my high school’s firewall system. The barnyard tableau is reminiscent of good times visiting my uncle’s dairy farm in Sabattus, Maine. It’s heartwarming, simple and salt of the Earth, much like this beer.

Unsure whether to take it in a proper glass or not, I decided to try it both ways for full effect. The first half straight out of the can is exquisite. A unique experience I’ve never come across, a wheat bier over aluminum. It tips straight back and flows right under your tongue, the carbonation sparkles the flavor to life from the get go. The spices and fruits are delivered to your taste buds with a tinny fervor I appreciated immensely. In the nature of slamming home beers out of cans, I found it difficult not to drain the rest straight away. But my will is iron, and with it great control I ceased my sip, and went for the professional route of pouring and sampling.

It pours delightfully, a clear pleasant gold that does not get cloudy till you pour out the bottom of the can. Other reviews noted a present head formation, but mine dwindled and turned into subtle rings. The nose was spicy and enticing, or noseilicious, if you will, and drew my lips straight to the rim of the pint. What a mouthfeel, the spices dance along the palate and the deeper fruit notes come to life, which you don’t notice so much in the aroma. The finish is smooth and smiles in your tummy. Your tongue is less happy, craving some more patiently.

As far as drinkability is concerned, this takes the Gold Medal Trophy Cake. I can easily picture myself on a front porch rocking chair, savoring the shade on a hot sunny day, gazing out over fields of wheat or corn or perhaps even wild barley, and powering through a whole case before my wife rings a loud bell to summon the kids, who are playing with makeshift stick rafts in the creek, home for a hearty dinner meal of pork, potatoes, gravy and peas. I lower the brim of my hat over my eyes and tilt my head back, knowing peace in my heart and happiness in my soul. My wife looks over to me, quietly disapproving of my consumption but nevertheless respectful of my personal rewards for an honest day’s work reaping the bounty of our land and providing for our household. A goat bleats in the distance.

I digress. This beer is finely crafted, cut and dry, wheaty and hearty. Just light enough to drink more of. The packaging in a can only adds to it’s simple nature and instills a common sensibility between the product and myself. Please, go out and try not one, but a solid few of these treats. It’s your gift to yourself. You don’t even have to say “You’re welcome.”


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