(Very) Brief Hiatus


I hate to say it, but Brews + Books will be taking a break for about a week.  Unfortunately, technology isn’t always terribly reliable – and the monitor for my computer decided to quit working after a couple years of reliable service.  No real computer at home means no updates until I get a replacement, and blogging and bookselling don’t exactly bring in the big bucks.  Still, I should be able to get a monitor by this weekend, so updates will resume on Monday, October 26th.  They’ll be good updates, too, because a vacation in Vermont gave me a chance to read, visit indie booksellers, and check out new beers and breweries.

While the site is on hiatus, please check out a couple of the most popular Brews + Books posts.  I’ll be back and updating within a week!

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…and I’m usually not the type to ask, but if you’d like to help Brews + Books stay on, up and regularly updated, feel free to check out the Contribute page to help out.

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