New Job, Same as the Old Job

ratebeerI’m happy to announce that, starting next Wednesday Wednesday the 18th, I’ll be writing a weekly column for the front page of RateBeer: The Ultimate Source for All Things Beer!

RateBeer is a community-driven beer site, and in less than a decade has become one of the largest and most popular beer websites in the world.  Along with a community of thousands that posts reviews of beer and beer bars, RateBeer boasts regular features on beer culture and industry events, weekly beer-related editorials, and an internationally recognized, semi-annual “RateBeer Best” competition.  Oh, and they also have some absolutely awesome forums that have saved me from mistakes on many homebrews.

RateBeer is in the process of revamping their main page and blogging platform, and one of the biggest changes is inviting a handful of beer bloggers to contribute featured columns every week.  This grand experiment starts on Monday, and I’ll have a post this (and every) Wednesday for your reading enjoyment.

So, what does this mean for Brews + Books?  Hopefully, it won’t be too much a change for you, dear reader.  I’ll still be aiming for four or five articles a week – you’ll just have to click through a link to get to my (still totally free) RateBeer column once a week.  Other than that, this site will still be a total labor of love, a look at both beer and books, and a thought-provoking and fun discussion of both niches.

On the plus side, the increased traffic will mean some new people participating in discussions in the comments, some improvement in the quality of the writing, and some cool opportunities to write about more brewers, beer and beer books.  Again, there won’t be less updates – one will just be in a different, easily-accessed place every week.

Finally, thanks to everyone that takes a minute or two to check every day, or week, or month.  The best part of the blog is the feedback from and discussions with readers, not to mention meeting all you awesome folks!  The site (with the help of the awesome writers and guest posters, of course) has a lot of potential, and I’m glad to have you here with me.


2 responses to “New Job, Same as the Old Job

  1. Congratulations, Josh!

    And my apologies – I realize that I’ve shared your blog often, but I don’t think I’ve commented.

    A fan of yours.

  2. Yay!!!

    One thing I see a lot of bloggers who get picked up at another site do is write a little teaser of their article for the other site and link for the rest of the article. Brings new readership to the article and reinforces you us your faithful readers that Brews and Books is still THE RSS source for Josh’s musings. 🙂

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