Brew Years Wishes for 2010

Alternate title: Happy New Beers!

For this week’s column over on the RateBeer Hop Press, I examined what’d make me happy in the world of beer in the coming year.  I split the piece between personal (what beers I want to try and where I’d like to go) and industry-spanning (what I’d like to see change in beer geeks and the brewing business).

Beer Fans;
Seriously, guys, cool it!  Beer is fun!  Beer is exciting!  OF COURSE beer serving temperature, glassware, and the number of taps at a bar are important.  And it can be a nice lark to talk about which big brewery is slipping, what brewery everyone loves that you think sucks, and how everything is getting worse and more boring.  It’s fun to geek out about beer, but take 2010 to ENJOY your beer and accentuate the positive!

Check out the full-length bucket list over at RateBeer.


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