Part One of The Beers of Maine


For the next couple of weeks (and, in all likelihood, months), I’ll be profiling Maine breweries, bars and bottle shops in my Hop Press column. For the first part of the series, I take a look at Maine’s oldest and newest breweries – Geary’s and Maine Beer.

Maine doesn’t have the sheer number of breweries that a state like Oregon does, but it’s certainly no slouch in the numbers game.  The Maine Brewer’s Guild boasts 21 members, and there are some small non-member brewers like the Bag and Kettle and Three Tide Restaurant that push the number of breweries even higher.

Most of Maine’s popular breweries, like a lot of New England craft brewers, focus on English-style ales.  Dry stouts, pub ales, bitters and robust porters are all wicked easy to find in the Easternmost state.  Still, there’s plenty of hope in Maine if you aren’t a fan of British beers.  Allagash steps up as one of the premier Belgian-style breweries in the US, Marshall Wharf represents the world of “extreme” brewing, and there are a handful of brewers making what I can only call American beer.

Check out the full post on RateBeer’s Hop Press.


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