Southern Tier is Coming to Maine!

I am happy to report that Maine can knock one more set of brews off their “can’t get that here” list.

A few days ago, Beer Advocate user cleeze posted that “after bugging all the distributors [in Maine] to pick ST up, we finally found someone.” Without any other information about who he heard this from or who was distributing the beer, I was almost ready to write this off as just another rumor – more wishful thinking from us (admittedly, already spoiled) Maine beer geeks. This morning I was able to get in touch with Paul Martin, president of NYDrinks – which handles all U.S. sales for Southern Tier– and he rocketed the rumor from unconfirmed to confirmed. Mr. Martin indeed confirmed that Southern Tier will be distributed here in Maine by Central Distributors of Lewiston as soon as this April.

Now, beer buddies, this is big news. Southern Tier is an absolutely phenomenal brewery, with plenty of awards under it’s belt and some really unique brews. Southern Tier has only been brewing for about 8 years, but they’ve grown to be one of the 50 largest breweries in the country. Their Unearthly IPA has been named one of the best beers around by Beer Advocate magazine and the Tap New York Beer Festival, and they frequently appear on lists of the best breweries in the US.

Personally, I count a number of Southern Tier’s Imperial brews among my favorites – Pumking is easily my favorite autumn beer, and the Über Sun is a summer winner. A look at the list of beers offered by the brewery (.pdf) will give you a taste of the creative spirit that goes into the ST lineup.

As much as I love Southern Tier, I actually haven’t had a chance to review any of their offerings here on Brews and Books. Luckily, guest poster Ryan has me covered with his looks at ST’s Krampus and Oak-Aged Unearthly IPA. Hopefully, those two pieces will whet your appetite for this April.


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