Help Send Josh to BEA!


Send Josh to BEA! from Josh Christie on Vimeo.

Other idea on how to earn money for BEA;
– Load my luggage and jacket up with logos from publishers, authors and bookstores who sponsor me like a NASCAR driver.
– Help stores create “viral survival plans” for when The Passage turns out to be eerily prescient.
– Come to your store and strip mass market returns to save you the heartache of hurting books.
– Make a bookseller swimsuit calendar called “Feeling (Ayn) Randy?”
– Name my next homebrew after your book and make some sweet-ass labels using the jacket art.

2 responses to “Help Send Josh to BEA!

  1. This seems like the perfect opportunity to launch an innovative Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource the trip. Too bad pesky regulations restrict the use of beer as an incentive (especially over state lines), but I’m sure you could think of some unique angle.

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