Just Play Nice, Beer Geeks!


This week on my Hop Press column over at RateBeer.com, I address the snobbishness and ad hominem attacks rampant in online craft beer communities.

Every so often, there’s something going on in the beer world that’s generating so much conversation that it needs to be addressed. A little while back, it was Rock Art’s trademark dispute with Monster over the Vermonster name. Last week, everyone was talking about Sink the Bismarck, the newest super-high alcohol beer from the Scots over at BrewDog. This week, people on Facebook, in forums and on Twitter seem to be buzzing about two topics in particular; the Call to Action posted by documentarian Anat Baron (director of Beer Wars) and a post on New Brew Thursday titled “Want to advocate for Craft Beer? Then don’t be a hater!

You can read my collected thoughts on the posts on the Hop Press.


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