‘Scratchpad Series’ Coming Soon to Mama’s Crowbar

Sing It Black by ArkissOn April 20th, Mama’s Crowbar (formerly Awful Annie’s) is hosting the first night of the Scratchpad Reading Series here in Portland.

So, what is Scratchpad, exactly?

The series is a monthly works-in-progress fiction/nonfiction reading series in Portland, Maine. On the third Tuesday of every month, Mama’s Crowbar will be hosting 3-6 authors, who will all read unpublished or unfinished work. This isn’t a night for authors to read from their already published books – instead, the focus is on works that aren’t out there in the public eye yet. The Scratchpad Series itself is free, but Mama’s cash-only bar will have plenty of tasty beers and ciders on tap.

The FAQ for the series also promises that “our hosts may rustle up … special literary-themed beer” for the series, which has this blogger quite excited. Which beers could it be?

I have high hopes that this will end up being a really cool regular event here in Portland.  Reading series and storytelling are a big deal these days (just look at The Moth or Risk), and focusing on unpublished and unfinished work is a cool new spin on the concept. The crew at Mama’s Crowbar seems excited about the series, and has some very cool ideas for the upcoming events.

I know that I’ll be at the series debut – 7 PM at 189 Congress Street, April 20th. I hope to see some of you there, faithful book- and beer-lovers.

One final thing – a little birdie let me know that the event planners are still accepting submissions for the April 20th premiere. If you’d like to try your hand at reading some fiction or nonfiction for the event, swing over the submission page and give them a shout!

photo by flick user Arkiss – “sing it black”

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