Bonjour!Fest Comes to Novare Res


Now that the big ol’ Belgian Beer Blowout at the Lion’s Pride in Brunswick has come to a close, it’s time to look towards the next big beer event here in Southern Maine. Luckily, we don’t have long to wait.

Starting on March 18th, Novare Res is hosting Bonjour!Fest – or, to be completely accurate, the “Bonjour! We’re Still Not F@#king Around (but we love you and want you to be happy) Fest.” This laboriously titled event is the successor to the “We Love You and Want You to be Happy” shindig from last March.

Apparently, it isn’t terribly kosher here in Maine to advertise a beer event by the strength of the beers that will be on tap. However, the event poster does make a point of mentioning that, if they were telling you the ABV of the drafts, they’d be telling you that all 25 taps are going to be pouring 9%+ beers. Take that how you will.

Novare has been one of my favorite bars here in Portland since they opened almost two years ago, and Eric and the rest of the crew simply continue to improve the place. If you’ve never made it to Novare (or are looking for an excuse to go) this is the perfect time to start visiting. It’s still early enough that the tourists aren’t all in town yet, and it’s finally getting warm enough that you could probably survive on the deck with a beer. If you go to Bonjour!Fest, just remember to walk, take a cab or have a designated driver. I certainly won’t advertise it here, but rumor is this is their strong beer festival.


2 responses to “Bonjour!Fest Comes to Novare Res

  1. let’s go! when are you going? đŸ™‚

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