Updates on Updates


I’m still alive!

Hi all. Sincerely sorry about the lack of updates recently. While there are a couple good reasons tangentially related to Brews + Books that I’ve been away from the site (brewing/bottling beer, devouring a couple books), the biggest reason is called Assassin’s Creed II. I was lucky enough to go to PAX East this weekend, and fell back into gaming hard for the days before and after the show.

I know, excuses excuses. Forgive me my transgressions, because I have a few updates on other sites for your reading pleasure – along with some stuff logged to go up here in the next week.

At the other sites;

Over at Murmur.com, my most recent article is about my favorite drinks; not just beer and booze, but coffee, soda and tea as well. Check out Lovely Libations; What’s Your Pleasure and chime in with your favorites. In other Murmur news, if you haven’t had a chance to read Lost City of Z yet there’s plenty of time for you to get through it before our book club discussion starts on the site next week.

On my Hop Press blog for Ratebeer.com, I’ve got two new articles up. Last week I wrote a recap of Bonjour!Fest, Novare Res’ annual big beer festival. This week, I’ve got Part Three in my massive beer tour of Maine. For this installment, I focus on some of the bars and brewers of the state capitol and midcoast.

By this time next week, you can expect a look at an upcoming Portland reading entitled 306 Reasons, book posts for Don’t Smell the Floss and Tall, Skinny, Bitter, some info on the Mikkeller event at Novare, and my thoughts on the Saison Rue from The Bruery and a couple other beers I recently received.

Thanks for sticking with me during skiing/video game season. I’ll get back on the blogging horse ASAP … just as soon as I finish this next level …

One response to “Updates on Updates

  1. Back on the horse, you!

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