Single Hop Showcase at Novare Res

singlehopThis month, Novare Res is doing some serious beer educatin’! Throughout the month of April, Novare will be showcasing ten different varieties of hops via Mikkeller’s Single Hop IPA series.

Early last year, craft brewers Mikkeller began brewing a series of Single Hop IPAs at the De Proef Brouwerij in Belgium. These beers are all brewed with a nearly identical beer recipe, with the only significant characteristic changing from brew to brew being the hop variety. The base beer is a simple copper-colored ale, with no overwhelming grain flavors but enough sweet maltiness to balance out the hop bitterness in an IPA.

This simple base provides a great stage to show off the smell, flavor and unique personality of each variety of hops. When you’re tasting the brews side-by-side, you can really pick out the nuances between the flowers and figure out your favorites. Since starting with a Simcoe IPA last year, the series has grown to include Mikkeller ales brewed with Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, Chinook, Warrior, Nugget, Tomahawk, East Kent Golding, and Nelson Sauvin hops.

Throughout the month of April Novare Res will be rotating the ten different Mikkeller single hop IPAs through their taps, with three on tap at a time. That makes this month a great time to swing down to Novare, get a flight of the three brews on tap (4 oz of each, at a decent discount from a full pour), and educate your palate on hops. Plus, the forecast for the near future means you’ll be able to enjoy your IPAs on Novare’s one-of-the-biggest-in-Portland outdoor deck.

Special thanks to, whose hop profiles I linked to in the list of brews in the Mikkeller series.


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