Posts on Murmur and RateBeer

Quick update on the non-Brews + Books posts I’ve done this week.

Over on community-generated web mag, I’ve posted the discussion thread for our book club book The Lost City of Z, as well as an article about open world and linear video games.

American philosopher John Dewey famously stated “The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” But when it comes to video games, it seems like more often than not we begin with a choice already made by the developers – our path is ready-made, or we are free to do whatever the hell we want. Linear versus open. On-rails versus sandbox.

In simpler terms, when you’re playing a game do you want to be told a story or to make your own?

On the Hop Press, I’ve again recommended checking out Mandles, the wicked cool manly candles produced by KoiKouture.

KoiKouture Mandles are candles in beer bottles with manly scents. For example, the “camping” scent smells of roasted marshmallows and firewood. “Oh no, it’s the cops” has the lovely scent of donuts and coffee. And “Stripper Breath”? It smells like, um, stripper breath – Watermelon Jolly Rancher with a little stale smoke.

Check ’em out!

One response to “Posts on Murmur and RateBeer

  1. Those mandles are genius, my fave is ‘Douchebag.’ So true.

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