Beer Gear That Doesn’t Suck

This week, I return to my weekly column at with a look at some of my favorite beer merch and breweriana.

Selling beer-branded stuff is a big deal. If you Google “beer gear”, you get an impressive 15.5 million hits. And that’ll be 15.5 million +1 after this article goes live. You get even higher results for “beer store,” and beer shirts and glasses each have millions of hits. With all this frothing demand for breweriana, it’s a shame that so much of the stuff is so damn sub-par.

If you’re looking for swag from a big brewer, there’s no lack of branded shirts, hats, games, glasses, signs… but who wants a Miller tacker or a Coors shirt? Most craft breweries have decent shops, but you can only look at so many pint glasses and shirts with nothing more than a beer logo before your eyes start to glaze over. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people in gear from my favorite artisan breweries, but I wish some had more creativity than simply screen-printing their beer labels.

Check out the full list – including corked-bottle coozies, nanobrew kits and beer-related hip-hop – over on my Hop Press blog.


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