Beer From Away on the Hop Press

This week,  I use my soapbox at to whine about what beer I can’t buy here in Maine. I promise, it’s not too shrill.

Here in Maine, there is really very little to complain about when it comes to beer distribution. For starters, we already have some phenomenal beers brewed right here in the state. The Maine Brewer’ Guild can boast over 20 different breweries for our small state – and many are within miles of my apartment. Certainly, a beer-lover could survive on craft brews from just a handful of brewers like Allagash, Maine Beer Company and Sebago.

With this abundance of choice I should be happy, right? Of course I should. And, of course, I’m not. What kind of beer geek would I be otherwise?

Read the full post – and let me know what beer you wish you could buy in your home state – on’s Hop Press.


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