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This week, my Hop Press column features a review of The Beer Trials, the new beer compendium from Seamus  Campbell and Robin Goldstein.

Last month Fearless Critics Media released The Beer Trials, a new addition to the always-expanding field of beer guidebooks and best beer rankings. The book, which isn’t too shy to be called “the essential guide to  the world’s most popular beers,” was co-authored by Seamus  Campbell and Robin Goldstein. Both the author’s names may look familiar to you; the former is one of just 96 Certified Cicerones in the world of beer experts, and the latter authored a rather notorious book called The Wine Trials.

The Wine Trials made a big splash in the world of wine-tasting a couple years ago, when the author and his panel of tasters held blind tastings of a number of wines. At the end of the trials,  a number of cheap (i.e. less than $15) wines were considered better than their $50+ shelfmates. For The Beer Trials, Goldstein and co. bring the test to the world of craft and mass-produced beer, brown-bagging and tasting some 250 brews. The question that they aim to answer; while there isn’t a necessary correlation between price and taste in wine, is there one in beer?

Read the full post on’s Hop Press.


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