Macro Beer Month on Brews and Books


June is “Macro Beer Month” here at!

So what, you may be asking, is a “macro” beer? And why devote an entire month to the stuff?

If you’ve ever had a pint of beer, you’re probably familiar with the term microbrew. Microbreweries – which are now more popularly called craft breweries – are beer producers that make a limited amount of beer every year. Although the amount brewed each year varies depending who you ask, generally a craft brewery is a brewery that produces less than 2 million barrels of beer a year. Craft brewers are also typically independently owned and, arguably, produce a beer of higher quality than big corporate brewers. Stone, Dogfish Head, Shipyard and Brewdog are examples of craft breweries. On the flip-side, therefore, are massive macrobreweries. Budweiser, Miller, Coors and Guinness are all macro beers.

Many craft beer drinkers and most beer bloggers approach with, to put it kindly, distaste. It isn’t unwarranted, as the beer from huge brewers is pretty universally accepted as of a lower quality than craft beer, and the is certainly a sameness to beers like Bud, Miller High Life and Coors. However, this means that mentions of macro beer in beer blogs are pretty much limited to out-and-out bashing of the companies, with little energy devoted to looking at the beers that are being brewed. It’s tough to find a review of a beer from a big brewery longer than “it sucked.”

For the month of June, Brews and Books will be featuring writing about macro beer and breweries from a number of writers. Beer lists, reviews, podcasts, taste tests, essays – tons of content will be going up about the world’s most ubiquitous beer. This is a month of looking honestly at macro brews. The posts won’t all be lovingly extolling the virtues of big beer (far from it), but they won’t be bashing without a bit of examination behind it.

If you’d like to follow the posts, they’ll all be tagged with the “Macro Beer Month” banner that appears at the top of this post. Additionally, you can click on the banner, this link, or the “MBM” tag at the bottom of this post to see all the posts in one place. If you’d like to contribute to Macro Beer Month, shoot me an e-mail at


One response to “Macro Beer Month on Brews and Books

  1. Good idea, Josh! I look forward to reading your entries about big beer.

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