ACBF Overview on the Hop Press

For my weekly post at RateBeer, I provide an overview of the American Craft Beer Fest I’ll be one of a few columnists covering the event in Boston on June 18th and 19th.

So what exactly is the American Craft Beer Fest? Quite simply, it’s the east coast’s largest beer festival. Entering it’s third year on Boston’s waterfront, the event spans two days and features booths for over 80 breweries, many of whom are pouring samples of at least four or five of their beers. Despite the size of the fest, brewers aren’t shy about breaking out the white whales – last year I had the opportunity to try Surly Darkness, Foothills Sexual Chocolate and Deschutes Abyss at the ACBF. In addition to the many, many beer samples, each of the festival’s three sessions features speakers and panels talking about beer, the craft beer industry, and brewing. Although this year’s schedule isn’t up yet, past speakers have included Garrett Oliver, Sam Calagione and Andy Crouch.

Check out the full post on RateBeer’s Hop Press, and let me know in the comments if you’re attending or if you have any questions.


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