The Beer / Comic Character Pairing Project

If you work at it enough, you can pair beer with anything.

Food is the obvious choice, with websites, books and events dedicated to the perfect food with the perfect beer. I’ve paired beer with books more than once in my columns on Ratebeer, my posts to Murmur, and here. When I wrote a community blog on Destructoid, I paired brews with video games.

Now, it’s on to a brave new world of pairing – matching comic characters up with beer. Sometimes it’s based on the name of the beer, sometimes the style, sometimes the ingredients, sometimes some other x factor (or, more appropriately, X-Factor). Whatever the logic, I’ve tried to include a few words about why I think the pairing works.

This is part one of what I see becoming a many, many part series of comic/beer pairings. I’m totally not above asking for help on this kinda thing, so feel free to add your personal pairings in the comments. If there are enough, one part of this might even be all reader-submitted matchups.

Misty Knight and Foothill’s Sexual Chocolate
OK, this one is a little on the nose. But come on; look at Misty and look at the SC label.

Superman and Dogfish Head Liquor de Malt
The All-American hero gets a beer brewed with red, white and blue gourmet corns.

Howard the Duck and Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze
Sour duck character / sour duck beer.

Batman and Mikkeller Black
Dark. Formidable. Strong. Also, I wouldn’t want to be alone after tangling with either.

Aquaman and Sweetwater Spice of Life
Everyone’s favorite water-based character knows from “spice of life”, having just been resurrected by Geoff Johns.

Captain America and PBR
Doesn’t get much more American than one of the biggest US-owned brewers – in a red, white and blue can.

Dex-Starr (AKA Rage Kitty) and Surly Furious

Wonder Woman and Triple Rock Truth Serum
Because… because of the lasso? I don’t know Wonder Woman that well.

Galactus and Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
La Fin Du Monde is French for The End of the World. As Stan would say, ‘Nuff Said.

Norman Osborn and Weyerbacher Insanity
Dude is freakin’ insane.

MODOK and Black Bear Pail Ale
Until a recent unfortunate retcon, MODOK was from Bangor, Maine – so he gets beer from a Bangor-area brewery.

Iron Man and Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Special Reserve
Marvel’s favorite mechanical-suited poonhound is an obvious match for a beer with “oil” in the name. Pairing him with the booze-soaked special reserve just makes things double referencey.

Namor the Submariner and Goslar Dunkle Gose
Gose is one of the only beer styles I’ve ever had that’s salty – appropriate for a character that is salty in both make and personality.

The Escapist and He’Brew Rejewvenator
If you don’t get this one, go read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and get back to me. I’ll wait.

Deadpool and Arrogant Bastard
An inspired pairing from Beergeekery that doesn’t need further explanation.

Captain Britain and Guinness
Cap gets what most people think of at the quintessential UK beer. If he was Captain England, it might be a different story.

Alright, that’s enough for round one. Let it fly in the comments – did I make some good pairings? Who would you pair with what? Check in often for more posts in the beer/comic pairing project. This is so much fun, it won’t be long ’til the next one.


2 responses to “The Beer / Comic Character Pairing Project

  1. This was great! I love that you included The Escapist!

    I like the Truth Serum for Wonder Woman, although I feel like she’d drink something like mead. And while I probably would have picked PBR for him, a beer from red, white and blue corn is perfect for Superman.

    More of these please đŸ™‚

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