The Beer / Comic Character Pairing Project, Deux

Part two of my ongoing project pairing comic characters with beers and pithily justifying it. Strange? Yes. Awesome? You bet your ass.

Here’s part one, just in case you aren’t up to speed.

Onward! To more ridiculousness!

Dr. Manhattan and Brooklyn’s Manhattan Project
Although the famously blue-donged Dr. Manhattan was created by an “Intrinsic Field Subtractor” and not the actual Manhattan Project, the fact he was named after the experiment is enough reason to match him with Brooklyn’s rye-and-vermoothy beer.

The Flash and Lake Louie Warped Speed
Warp speed doesn’t come close to matching how fast Barry Allen can move. Unfortunately, this is the closest beer I could find until someone makes a “fast enough to vibrate through solid objects” lager.

Green Lantern and Shakespeare Willpower Stout I’ll defer to the always reliable (ahem) Wikipedia. “Each Green Lantern wields a power ring that can generate a variety of effects, sustained purely by the ring wearer’s imagination and strength of will.” So willpower, ‘natch.

Mephisto and Dark Lord
Mephisto is essentially the Satan of the Marvel Universe – the darkest of dark. Plus, he and the guy on Three Floyds’ label don’t necessarily look dissimilar.

Nick Fury and Samuel Jackson Beer
NO I CAN’T STOP YELLING, CAUSE THAT’S HOW I TALK! HAVEN’T YOU EVER SEEN MY MOVIES? Now that Sam Jackson is the face of Nick Fury on the big screen, this skit is the first thing that came to mind for a pairing.

Black Widow and Brooklyn Black Ops
Double-whammy – the beer is a Russian Imperial Stout, and it’s a covert operator just like the Black Widow.

Christian Walker and Blue Diamond Stout
Blue Diamond is practically a portmanteau of two of Walker’s superhero identities; Diamond and Blue Streak.

Yorrick Brown and City Steam Czars and Girls
City Steam’s RIS “Czars and Girls” gets paired with the last man on Earth for two reasons – the abundance of females in the series, and the Russian cosmonauts that are terribly important in the first half of the story.

Megan McKeenan and Local Color Maple Cream Ale
Have you read Brian Wood’s Local yet? One of my all-time favorite graphic novels. Main character Megan McKeenan spends the book living in various places around North America and becoming a local – hence the book’s title and the pairing with “Local Color”. Since she ends up in Vermont late in the book, a maple beer just made sense, too.

Danny Rand and Rolling Rock
According to legend introduced in Duane Swierczynski and Travel Foreman’s recent Immortal Iron Fist story, most of the Iron Fists never lived past age 33.  According to snopes, for any number of reasons there is a “33” on every bottle and can of Rolling Rock.


Red Mist and Old Bongwater Hemp Porter
Heh. Heh. Bongwater.

“Catfoot” Crogan and Grog
A good number of breweries have experimented with brewing “grog” – a blend of a weak “small” beer and rum. As “Catfoot” is one of the most realistic pirate characters I’ve read (no Keith Richards here), it makes sense to pair the lad with an authentic pirate libation.

Alik Streinikov and Coney Island Lager
Big thanks to Jenn Northington for saving me on this pairing. I love the Coney Island Lager, and couldn’t for the life of me think of a character based on the island. Jenn jumped up to the plate and reminded me about Luna Park‘s Alik, someone who could certainly use a few lagers.

Matty Roth and Revolution’s Let’s Have a War
I don’t doubt that journalist/insurgent/activist Matty could use a strong Belgian beer after all the shit he’s been through in Manhattan’s DMZ.

Wolverine and Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout
A couple reasons for this one;
1) Wolverine is the best at what he does – so the ragin’ Canajun has to be matched up with one of the best brews I’ve had.
2) Wolverine is in tons of books – you could argue too many – every month. This beer similarly has almost too much going on, being a imperial stout aged in maple & whiskey soaked wood, and brewed with Sumatra and Kona coffee beans.
3) Gotta reference Canada with Logan’s beer pairing, of course.
4) At 10% ABV and able to regenerate from a single drop of blood, both are just a touch overpowered.

And that brings us up to 31 pairings so far. Stay tuned for part tres.


2 responses to “The Beer / Comic Character Pairing Project, Deux

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  2. Great. Now that I know there’s a beer called ‘Warp Speed,’ my love of the Flash is going to force me to keep an eye open for it. It’ll be an obsession until I can drink some.

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