General ACBF Musings on the Hop Press

Last weekend, I ventured down to Boston to cover Beer Advocate’s American Craft Beer Festival for In today’s column, I took a look at how the fest went, what went right, and the few things that left me wanting.

A few days ago, I tackled the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston with fellow Hop Press writers Steve Koenemann and Carla Companion. I was in town to cover the Saturday afternoon session of the festival, Carla did double duty and hit both Saturday sessions, and Steve – the iron man of fest coverage – attended all three sessions for over ten hours of beer goodness. This weekend I’ll be posting my reactions to the beers I managed to taste at the fest, from the good (Bourbon County Coffee Stout) to the bad (Edison Light). Today, though, is all about the general stuff. How did the fest feel, what worked, and what didn’t?

Click on through for my musings on the crowd, breweries, beer selection and oodles of other stuff. And don’t forget to check back this weekend for blurbs on the dozens of beers I tried!


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