ACBF Beerpressions

The second half of my look at the American Craft Beer Fest – my reactions to the beers I tried at the event – has gone up on RateBeer’s Hop Press. If you’d like to see what worked for me and what didn’t out of the dozens of brews I tried, get with the clicky-click.

By now, you’ve seen a couple of posts from Steve and I (two a piece, actually) about the American Craft Beer Fest in Boston. We’ve covered plenty about the setup of the event, the brewers on hand, and how we felt about how it ran. However, I’ve neglected to get too deep into what you all probably care about the most – the beer.

I’m not going to cover everything I tried at the fest – it was, ahem, a lot – but I’ll mention everything that I have something to say about. With a couple of one-off exceptions, everything should be linked to the RateBeer page for the beer, so you can see how much I match up with the geek zeitgeist. A loud, populated and fluorescent-lit venue isn’t the ideal environment for tasting beer, but I’ll get across what I can.

To read all my beer capsule reviews, click on over to the original post.

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