Gritty McDuff’s and Sebago Get the Spotlight

Another month, another entry in my ongoing tour of the bars, breweries and beer of the great state of Maine. This time around, the focus is on Portland Old Port stalwarts Gritty McDuff’s and Sebago – two of my favorites.

Mainers love their local beer. If there’s anything you can take from this series so far, it’s that the people of Maine – and Portland in particular – are fierce defenders and passionate imbibers of locally brewed beer. For decades (two decades for Gritty’s, one for Sebago), the two breweries I’m looking at today have been staples in local pint glasses and refrigerators. Neither has quite the distribution around the US as an Allagash or a Shipyard, but it’s almost impossible to go to a bar in Maine and not see at least one tap devoted to Sebago and another to Gritty’s. Both also operate stellar brewpubs – bars with some of the best pub fare available in Maine.

Check out the full post (and the four previous entries in my Maine beer tour) over at the RateBeer Hop Press.


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