My Gateway Beer-perience

Today, my column on the RateBeer Hop Press is about a trip I took to Germany just before my 20th birthday. Why? Because it’s the trip that turned me on to the libation known as beer.

One of my favorite terms in the world of craft brewing is “gateway beer.” The fact is, despite being beer geeks, most of us haven’t always been in love with beer. Let’s face it – a pint of Budweiser, Miller or any other readily available beer that’s typically an American kid’s first doesn’t exactly inspire love in the craft. It takes a special beer to inspire confidence in brewers and make you want to try even more of the good stuff. For me, this ended up being a little beer from Kilkenny, drank at an Irish pub in a German city by an American kid.

Read the full post over on RateBeer, and leave a comment with the beer experience that started you drinking the good stuff.


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