Joe Hill at Casablanca Comics

Event announcements aren’t my favorite thing to post on Brews and Books, but this one is too cool for me to not mention. I mean, if you were to miss this because I forgot to post it, how do you think I’d feel? Plus, Casablanca Comics is my LCS, so I owe it to them for pulling my comics every week.

* deep breath *

Novelist, comic creator and short story author extraordinaire Joe Hill is coming to Portland!

On August 14th, Joe Hill will be at Casablanca Comics in Portland from 4-6 PM. August is a big month for Hill’s comic series Locke & Key, with the hardcover edition of Locke & Key Vol 3, the beginning of the new story arc “Keys to the Kingdom”, and a $1 reprint of the very first Locke & Key story all coming out on the 11th. Hill will be at Casablanca to sign these new books, along with all the previously released volumes of the series.

Joe Hill’s prose has had it’s ups and downs for me (short version is that I like his short stories and I’m not quite as enamored by his novels), but I have nothing but good things to say about Locke & Key, one of the most consistently outstanding books coming out these days.

When Hill comes to Portland, you better make damn sure that you get over to Casablanca, even if you’ve never read the series before. If you’re a fan, you get some damn fine signed merchandise. If you aren’t, the first issue reprint (which ends with 8 pages on “the story so far”) and the new arc are both great jumping on points for the series.


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