KBS Review in the Paleocave

Remember the guys from “Science … Sort Of“? Ryan and Charlie were kind enough to do a special edition of their podcast as a part of Macro Beer Month here at Brews and Books, and showed some serious beer-tasting chops along with all their scientific bona fides. Since they went out of their way to do me a solid and talk about beer, I kinda have to link to their site now that they are jumping into the world of beer blogging.

Ryan and Jesse have posted their reviews of the acclaimed Founders Kentucky Bourbon Breakfast Stout.

This blog has been very science-based of late but our show is also about something else: beer. This can no longer be neglected. To that end, my pal Jesse and I partook of the Founders Kentucky Bourbon Breakfast Stout. And yes, we had it for breakfast. Below are our reviews of the beer. We used the system established by the website Beer Advocate, of which we are both members. (If you too are a member you can check out our profiles at grovejesse and rjhaupt, respectively.) Hope you dig this slight change of pace!

Click on over to the Paleocave to see both full reviews. I suppose I could be petty and worry about their being even more beer reviewers as “competition”, but screw it – there’s plenty of room in the pool! I look forward to seeing even more reviews from Ryan, Jesse and the rest of the Paleo Posse in the future. Hopefully, we’ll even have some more beer- and science-soaked collaborations in the future!

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