Andy Crouch’s Great American Craft Beer

This week, my column over at is devoted to a review of Andy Crouch’s new beer book Great American Craft Beer. Not only is it an excellent book, but it’s a wonderful love letter to the craft brewers of America.

On the first page of his new beer guide Great American Craft Beer, Andy Crouch writes “with the bounty of amazing beers available in every corner of America, never before has there been a better time or place to be a beer drinker.” Thus begins one of the best cases for American exceptionalism that I’ve read in years – not in the traditional political or social sense, but in the realm of brewing and beer. Great American Craft Beer isn’t just a new book to add to the increasingly crowded family of “beer guides.” The compendium is a love letter to craft beer in the US of A, and that there’s enough to fill a 300+ page book is a testament to a brewing movement that’s barely thirty years old.

Check out the full review over on’s Hop Press.


2 responses to “Andy Crouch’s Great American Craft Beer

  1. This is really a bad book. I was very excited to get it as I’ve been working my way through every beer I can get my hands on for the past couple years.

    In addition to having not heard of most of the beers he discusses, I’ve not heard of the majority of the breweries either.

    That’s all well and good, but his write ups for each beer is simply awful. Far too many adjectives to describe the beer.

    Each beer has its own page and then starts off by listing the brewey, website, ABV, what kind of glassware to drink the beer with, and when it’s available. After that, it’s a short paragraph describing the look, smell, taste, and feel of each beer.

    Basically, if you’ve read one entry, you can put the book down because they’re all the same; each written using three times as many words as necessary.

    By the time I’d finished each entry, I had no idea what was being described.

    I love books about beer as I’ve got a small shelf full of them. But this is the worst I’ve come across.

  2. Here interview with Matthew Brynildson from Firestone Walker about american craft beer:

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