Bookrageous Calendar is GO FOR LAUNCH!

bookrageouscalIf you happen to follow me, Jenn Northington and Rebecca Schinsky online (and really, why wouldn’t you?), you’ve noticed that we’ve been posting a lot about Bookrageous. Bookrageous is our shorthand for really cool, exciting and unique things going on in the world of publishing. One of the ideas that led to the creation of the term, and the one we’ve been writing about feverishly lately, is the Bookrageous Calendar.

As of today, the calendar is launched and on sale over at Zazzle. You can – and should – buy the hell out of it.

We talked quite a bit about the calendar on the first episode of the Bookrageous podcast, but here’s the gist of it if you didn’t listen to the show. The Bookrageous Calendar is an 18-month (Jan 2011-Jun 2012) calendar featuring pictures of booksellers, book bloggers and other ever-lovin’ book nerds with a book or books. Think your typical swimsuit or charity calendar with a serious twist of literate-ness. There are topless photos (at least two!). There are men and women. There are a ton of good books. The calendar clocks in at a not-too-spendy $25, which buys you a whole year and a half of lovely literati and offbeat omnibuses. None of the people in the calendar make anything off the sale, as all proceeds go to First Book, a nonprofit that gives books to children in need.

So GET TO IT! If you wanna see this guy, or this gal, or pictures like this, you gotta buy the Bookrageous calendar. If you want to support a good cause and keep books fun, get the calendar. If you want to crush on the lovely models, buy the calendar.

In the meantime, check out the #Bookrageous social media leviathan (links on the left side) and stay tuned for the next Bookrageous podcast.


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