Rogue Shakespeare Stout – Nitro, Bottle and Cask

This week, my column over at is devoted to a vertical tasting of three different versions of Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout. It was a blast to compare three variations of the same beer, and I really tried to dig into the similarities and differences.

Though I got to sample quite a few beers from Oregon’s distinguished brewery, I found myself circling back to Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout. I’ve written before about my love for the beer – a pretty-much perfect oatmeal stout, and one of the brews that got me drinking craft beer. Novare had the Bard on both nitro-tap and cask, which was more than a little bit exciting. I couldn’t exactly smuggle in a 22oz bomber of the stuff to try the draught, cask and bottled versions side-by-side, I was able to try the first two and then dash out (Science… Sort Of style) and have a bottle with my other notes in hand. It wasn’t exactly a vertical tasting, but it was close.

Check out the full column on my Hop Press blog.

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