Black Star Co-op on the Hop Press

This week, my column on focuses on the Black Star Co-op, which purports to be the first pub of it’s kind – one owned wholly by it’s members.

Back in 2005, Steven Yarak (one of the three founders of Black Star) had the idea for a bar that was essentially owned by it’s members. He shopped the idea around through homebrew club listservs and fliers around town, and the first meeting about the pub that became the Black Star Co-op was at the start of 2006. That fateful meeting hooked Yarak up with Jeff Young, a trained brewer who was looking for a project and eventually became the Co-op’s brewmaster. Put together Young and Yarak and add some ambition (and an understanding of Texas’ cooperative statutes), and the Black Star Co-op was founded in 2006. After five years of planning, fund-raising and a drive for member/owners, the brewpub finally opened to the public – and it’s members – late this summer.

Check out my full take on Black Star (and their beer plans) on Ratebeer’s Hop Press.


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