Sex Tips from Rock Stars by Paul Miles

I’ll say this much for Sex Tips from Rock Stars – you may not learn anything new from the book, but you’ll sure as hell be entertained.

From Almost Famous to Spinal Tap, Penny Lane to Connie Hamzy, we’re taught that “rock god” and “sex god” are interchangeable terms. There’s no doubt that musicians have a certain power when they perform that’s an aural aphrodisiac. The question is, are there any actual bedroom tips and tricks these rockers have to back up the appeal?

That’s the question that Miles sheds some light on in Sex Tips from Rock Stars. In the new book from Omnibus Press (a publisher better known for serious biographies than sex guides), 23 different musicians give their tips, “in their own words” on groupies, fetishes, romance, marriage and everything in between. I say musicians because, lets face it – “Rock Stars” is a bit relative. Though the fame of some of the interviewees might be questionable, the range of ages and musical styles makes for a good cross-section of the rock world. The book is pretty phallocentric, but does include the female perspective of The Donnas’ Allison Robertson.

Though the author never goes into the methodology behind the book, it feels like the musicians involved each answered a single questionnaire. Each of the chapters has a series of questions, and each question is answered by the interviewees in alphabetical order. Rinse and repeat for about 270 pages. If you’re expecting some sort of interplay between the stars or a series of answers structured like an oral history, you’re bound to be disappointed. On the other hand, the format makes it easy to find answers from the people you’re particularly interested in, and the lack of any internal continuity makes it simple to open to any page and start reading.

Now, the appeal of this book really comes down to what you’re expecting to get out of it. Strictly looking for insight and advice, well… look, have you ever heard Terry Gross’ interview with Gene Simmons? Its kinda like that. There are definitely guys in the book that are a cross between Gene and the boys from Spinal Tap, completely clueless but have convinced themselves otherwise. I’ll admit there’s a certain poetry to “…her body is a temple and her pussy is the front door…” but it gives you an idea of how seriously these guys sometime take themselves.

If you’re looking for entertainment, on the other hand, you found the right book. Sex Tips from Rock Stars takes a vanilla sex guide and turns it up to 11. The book absolutely revels in the “rock star as sex maniac” stereotype, and there are plenty of wild stories about groupies, sex on stage, sex on tour buses, orgies, sex toys, and sex. There is absolutely a reason we’re entertained by the bacchanalian antics of celebrities, and Sex Tips captures this stuff – and gives it to you in the musicians own words! The most difficult part of reading the book is realizing that these 23 musicians aren’t David St. Hubbins or Nigel Tufnel., but the guys on stage for Motorhead and Hoobastank.

Plus, you never know if you’ll one day ask yourself “What city in the world has the wildest groupies?” or “How would you select a prostitute at a brothel?” If those are the sex tips you’re looking for, well, Sex Tips from Rock Stars will be more than just entertainment.

Pairing Suggestion; Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat.


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