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What is BrewsAndBooks.com?

Brews and Books is a site for everyone’s inner Hemingway – a site about books with a healthy passion for alcohol.  Er, maybe a better example is everyone’s inner Sam Calagione, an English-major-turned-brewer.  Wait, that isn’t perfect either.  BrewsAndBooks.com is a site for everyone that loves a good book in one hand and a good beer in the other.  The blog first arose out of a desire to share reviews of well-written books and lovingly-brewed beer.  The site has evolved slightly from this original purpose, and now shares news in the brewing, publishing, bookselling and beer worlds along with reviews and editorial content.

Who writes Brews and Books?

I’m Josh Christie, author, EIC and creator of this site.  I have a degree in Political Science from the University of Maine and work as a bookseller and freelance writer.  When I’m not reading a book or enjoying a beer, you can usually find me roaming around practicing my photography, skiing, hiking or otherwise enjoying the coast and mountains of Maine.