Beer List

For those active in the BeerAdvocate trading community, here is a list of some of the rarer local brews I can get my hands on. Of course, there are some other locals that I just haven’t added yet, so feel free to ask if you don’t see something that should be readily available (Shipyard, Grittys, Gearys, etc.)

All prices are for a single 22 or 25 oz bottle, unless otherwise noted.

Links to beer profile pages will be added eventually.


Black 10.49

Four 10.49

Musette 14.29

Hugh Malone 18.99

Curieux 14.29

Victor 14.29

Odyssey 14.29

Tripel 7.49

Wit 6.99

Dubbel 6.99

Grand Cru 6.99

Bar Harbor

Thunder Hole Ale 4.59 (bomber) / 10.79 (sixer)

Harbor Lighthouse Ale 4.59 (bomber) / 10.79 (sixer)

Cadillac Mountain Stout 4.79 (bomber) / 11.99 (sixer)

Peach Ale 4.59

True Blue Blueberry 4.59

Ginger Brew 4.59


Old Brown Dog Ale 8.79 (sixer)

Finest Kind IPA 8.79 (sixer)

Shoals Pale Ale 8.79 (sixer)

Robust Porter 8.79 (sixer)

Atlantic Brewing

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale 4.29 (bomber) / 10.79 (sixer)

Bar Harbor Real Ale 9.49 (sixer)

Coal Porter 9.49 (sixer)

Brother Adam’s Bragget 5.89

Stone Coast

1260 IPA (2007) 12.99


Maudite 5.99

La Fin Du Monde 5.99

Don De Dieu 5.99

Trois Pistoles 5.99

La Seigneuriale 5.99

Blanche De Chambly 5.19

Ephemere 5.19

La Terrible 6.99

Unibroue 17 6.99

Quatre-Centième 6.99

Freeport Brewing

Ex-Wife Bitter Blonde 2.89

Brown Hound Brown 2.89

Dogfish Head

120 IPA 6.79 (per 12oz)

Black & Blue 9.99

Red & White 9.99

Jiahu 9.99

Fort 13.79

Peak Organic

Maple Oat 3.79

Espresso Amber 3.79



One response to “Beer List

  1. Oh to try Red & White and Black & Blue. Even the stuff I can get in Cali is way cheaper there. Then again, Russian River is my local brewery.

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