Review Policy

I will gladly accept books and beer for review on this site.  To submit an item, either contact me via email or mail the product to;

Josh Christie
55A Collins Road
Yarmouth, ME 04096

The Brews And Books policy on items submitted for review:

  • If a publisher or brewery sends something that I did not actively solicit, I will do our best to review it, but cannot guarantee a review of each and every item.
  • If I have an arrangement with a brewery or publisher in which I solicit items for review on Brews And Books, I will do my best to review them. Again, I cannot make guarantees, but if I am sent a title I specifically asked for, I will put it above unsolicited items for review on the blog.
  • Sometimes, I will actively solicit a publisher or brewery for a product I think would be a great fit for the site. I do not expect to get what I ask for at all times (feel free to tell me to go away). Essentially, getting a review copy only affects when I will be able to write about it.
  • If you are a journal, magazine, website, brewery or publisher and want to pay me to review, great. However, I will never accept payment to provide a specific opinion.