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Manly Men Beer Club El Hefe

hefeBeing a beer geek can end up being an expensive hobby. I swear, when I walked to Downeast Beverage, I was just planning on picking up a cheap six-pack to beat the heat – probably Sebago’s Hefeweizen or some Old Scratch Amber. 8 bucks, in and out with some cold beer. But when I saw El Hefe, a “hefewine” from a brewery I’d never heard of, I had to jump on the new and exciting. One ten-dollar bomber later, I was dazed, confused and back in my apartment.

A second look reveals that the “Manly Men Beer Club” isn’t a new Maine brewery. Instead, it’s a line of special beers from the brewers up at Atlantic Brewing in Bar Harbor. Like the Pugsley’s Signature brews from Shipyard or the Sebago Single Batch beers, Manly Men is a chance for the Atlantic brewers to play with wild and wacky beer styles. So far, there are three different brews on the shelf; a barleywine-hefeweizen hybrid (El Hefe), a smoked barleywine (Sea Smoke), and an ale brewed with ginger and molasses (Blackstrapped Molasses Ale). Continue reading